Hello, I'm Alex

I'm a full stack PHP Developer based in Bedfordshire who builds websites using Wordpress and web systems uses the Laravel framework.



When you browse your favourite website or check the latest version of your product on your device of choice, take a moment to look at it differently. Step back from the screen. Close your eyes slightly so that your vision is a bit clouded by your eyelashes.
– Can you still see and use the website?
– Are you able to read the labels, fields, buttons, navigation and small footer text?
– Can you imagine how someone who sees differently would read and use it?




Quick Tip: Prevent Facebook PHP SDK Failing in IE9

Whilst recently developing Harmony’s latest offering; 3D.me – A Facebook canvas application built on top of our Onvert augmented reality platform, I came across an intriguing issue; calling $facebook->getUser() kept failing in Internet Explorer with no obvious reason why – The app kept getting stuck in the canvas refresh loop of doom. Read more →

CodeIgniter Documentation News Tutorial Follow-on – Adding the Ability to Edit

The official CodeIgniter documentation contains a useful tutorial on how to use CodeIgniter to create a news section on a website. Unfortunately the tutorial only shows you how to list news, view individual news posts and create new news posts. In this tutorial I will be showing how to extend this code to include the ability to edit news. I’m assuming you are using CodeIgniter 2.1 and have followed the tutorials for static pages, news section and create news items. Read more →